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Fast and light running

Veilance stands for minimalist aesthetics and exceptional materials. The technical design with innovative materials was launched by Arc'teryx. The designs are dentirely made in Vancouver, Canada by 15 designers and once the designs meet their standards (each sample is tested for outdoor suitability by Veilance employees), the jacket designs are handed over to the in-house tailor where each jacket is sewn together by hand. The close collaboration between the design team and the in-house factory results in strong, relentless products and an deep brand culture.

Veilance's clothing has design details unlikely to be noticed by untrained eyes. For example, the seams of the jackets are taped to keep out water. In addition, Veilance works with the GORE-TEX membrane. This membrane is glued between the outer and inner lining, making Veilance's clothing completely windproof, waterproof, yet breathable and breathable.

The Canadians design only with the highest quality materials and the best innovations. In addition, all Arc'teryx and Veilance products come with a lifetime warranty.

A steadfast commitment to continuous material innovation ensures that every design solution is intrinsically linked to its technical and aesthetic ambitions.

This Saturday, a team from Veilance will come the long way directly from Canada to beautiful Swabia to Stuttgart and walk with bungalow. The event will start on April 6th at 10:00 am directly in front of our bungalow store and all performance levels are welcome. It is jogged 6 - 7 kilometers through the city park and then rounded off with a healthy get together.
We look forward to seeing you!